*Please read before you book

We will take most dogs despite their previous issues size or behaviour but it is important to select what is right for your dog and be honest about any concerns regarding your dogs health or behaviour. Their health and well being comes first before the aesthetic side of things here. We are very passionate about what we do and we will always do what is best for your much loved pet.

“As the groomer here at Southend Dog Grooming I am very passionate about working with difficult grooming cases such as nervous dogs, rescues, dogs that have had traumatic experiences in the past and dogs that have special requirements. It is my goal to help educate owners on their dogs grooming needs and very rewarding when I build up good relationships and positive experiences with your dog”

Groomer – Lianne Lockhart Jones

Desensitizing session:
If this is your dogs first time to a dog groomers, they are anxious, have had issues at the dog groomers before or your dog does not like Specific aspects of the grooming process such as nails being trimmed, the hair drier or certain areas being touched or brushed you will need to select a desensitizing session to get your dog used to the process first
(if your dog does not need or you do not want their nails trimmed we can leave this out of the grooming process)

All Full Groom bookings are to be made on the assumption you groom your dog regularly and correctly for they type of dog you have at home unless explained in the notes or spoken to a member of staff about the reasons why as there may be additional charges if matted or needing to be shaved off, extra time added etc.
you can ask any questions on the day on how to groom your dog and what we recommend you use at home.

Puppy under 6 months
if this is your puppy’s first groom they require a “puppy groom” which is an introduction to the grooming salon. I will discuss with you what you can do at hope to help prepare your puppy for their future grooms as it can be a scary place and experience for a young dog who has never been groomed before. But with the right introduction and grooming plan in place made with our groomer a puppy groom is the first step to successes for their future grooms.

Flea bath and blow dry :
for prevention and to help treat fleas in addition to your vets advice and regular flea treatment at home. If your dog has matt their will be an additional charge for removal as I am unable to bath a matted dog as it causes knots and matt to tighten.

These prices are an estimate and may vary based on coat type and length, if your dog is groomed on a regular basis, if your dog is blowing their coat, level of difficulty being groomed.
Additional charges etc.

Small/ Toy Breeds from £35- £55
Medium Breeds- £40 -£60
Large Breeds- £45- £85
XL Breeds-£50- £120

Additional charges:
De-shed/ Coat build up £15
Matt removal £5 per area if heavily matted will need to a full/ part shave as the de-matting process can be inhumane.
Full/ part Shave off – £10-£15

Desensitization session 60 mins : £35 Weigh & Desenetize

Nail Trim -£11
Blow out, Quick Brush £20
Flea Bath & Blow dry £25- £40

£10 off for all Southend Dog Training VIP Members Once a Month Every Month!